Posted on Aug 14, 2020

Laundry Express

We have updated our technology and have entered the 21 century! Gone is the drudgery of pumping the coins into the machines - we now use a laundry card! No more scrounging around for quarters or change to do your laundry!

Load the card and use it at any machine in our store! This card is reusable and re-loadable! Bring it with you every time you visit - it is your key to starting the machines!

Still have some coins saved up to do your laundry? No problem, see the Attendant when you get to the store... they will be happy to buy your change from you so you can load up your card!

Having problems using the machine or getting use to the new system? Speak to one of our Attendants who will be happy to walk you through our system and show you how to use the Laundry Cards. Is it after hours and you still have questions? Call us at our business line (732) 974-0081 and if we are available, we will be happy to walk you through our new system over the phone.
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